Listen: M&A for High Growth Startups at SF TechWeek

In May, as part of SF TechWeek, we hosted an event for 100+ M&A executives, founders, VCs, and bankers to discuss how startups are using M&A as a vehicle for growth in the face of tight venture and growth capital markets.

The panel was moderated by JSV Managing Director, Victor Echevarria, and featured a stellar group of panelists, including Eric Darwin, Head of Corporate Development at DocuSign; Amanda Lannert, CEO of Jellyvision; Gabe Rogol, CEO of Demandbase; and Tom McIntyre, CFO of Artera.

Listen below to hear the group discuss what drives the decision to acquire a company, as well as how to think through deal structure and mechanics, integration, and measuring success post acquisition.

Listen to the panel