Turning Ideas into Code: Investing in Crowdbotics

Last week, I was finally able to share that Jackson Square Ventures led the $22M Series A investment in Crowdbotics, an incredible company led by an incredible team building the future of software development. In a nutshell, they help teams build apps using crowdsourced modules of real code, getting them to market 3x faster than traditional development. 

When you strip away custom branding and the relatively small number of niche features from all of the software ever built for modern platforms, you’ll find “App DNA”: the small set of reusable modules, models, and API connectors that make up that software. Crowdbotics delivers complete applications leveraging a library of these components wired up and augmented by top notch engineers. Teams and creators specify what they want built, and Crowdbotics delivers a complete, elegant, and robust code base in record time at a fraction the cost of an agency or in-house engineering team. To name a few examples of its capabilities, the Crowdbotics platform has been used to build entire VC-backed products, create secure software for the United States Air Force, and build critical care delivery applications for large health systems. 

We were introduced to Crowdbotics Founder and CEO, Anand Kulkarni, from Hunter Walk and the incomparable team at Homebrew, who invested at the seed stage. It is also a pleasure to be working with Harrison Metal, Bee Partners, and The House Fund (both Anand and I are proud Cal grads). I’ve always been interested in B2B marketplaces because of how powerful they can be when they actually work. What makes Crowdbotics stand out to me is that it’s a marketplace-powered product that can turn anyone into a product manager while building a network effect out of a growing library of reusable code. 

Put simply, Crowdbotics is the fastest and most efficient way for anyone—whether they’re an 85-year old with an app idea or a high school student building something for their classmates—to build applications. These users may not have decades of entrepreneurial or technical experience, but that doesn’t matter with Crowdbotics. Anyone can be a software developer now. We’re excited to partner with Anand and the team on their mission to democratize the software development process as we know it. If this mission sounds interesting to you, I encourage you to check out Crowdbotics’ open roles.

By Victor Echevarria

Managing Director at Jackson Square Ventures.